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Common Questions
1. What happens if I forget my password?
If you recall, when you initially registered, you can fill in the hint for the password. You can use this hint to get back into the system to change your password. Click on the "Forgot Your Password" link and follow the directions. Be sure to check your email. When you purchase a course from us, AnytimeCE sends you an order confirmation email that confirms the course you purchase (this can also be used as a receipt) and a copy of your ID and Password.
2. How to reset my password?
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3. I have my ID and password but I cannot log in.
If you keep getting the login page after you click on the submit button at the Student Log in page, after you have entered your ID and Password, you might have committed, one of these common errors: using an "o" or "O" (as in look or LOOK) instead of a zero "0" (as in 2008); using the letter "l" (as in luck) instead of the number "1". If you have tried to use your ID and password but still cannot log in, please Click Here to fill out a short form that will be automatically sent to us and you will be contacted in the next 24 hours.
4. Why do you want me to use my current license number for my ID and how do I get it?
When you finish taking a course, you want to get credit for it with the correct state agency as quickly as possible. The issuing agency tracks your course completion by your state or agency-issued license number. If you use anything other than this information, your certificate of completion is automatically sent to the state agency and you may not get credit for your course. Many of the agencies WILL NOT correct your license number for you. Therefore, it is important that you enter the correct license number for your ID at the time that you register for your courses. If you cannot recall your license number, there is a link on the side bar of the home page for each state for you to use to look up your current license number. If for some reason an incorrect license number was entered in when you registered for a class, AnytimeCE will need to manually upload your CEU information to the AHJ. To cover our costs, there is $25 charge for this service.
5. How do I pay for a class?
You will need to pay for a class using your credit card. We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discovery.

6. How and when is the licensing agency contacted once I finish a course?
AnytimeCE has automated the reporting of completed courses to the AHJ. Click Here to view a schedule of when AnytimeCE reports a completed course to the AHJ. If you have used an incorrect license number, your CEU information is not uploaded by the AHJ. If this happens, AnytimeCE contracts with a 3rd party to correct and upload the proper continuing education credits to the AHJ, and will bill you a $25 SERVICE CHARGE per course. If you have used an incorrect license number, be sure when you take courses from AnytimeCE in the future, to register as a NEW STUDENT and use your correct license number.
7. What code book or other material is required for the class I'm taking?
In each course description, we have listed the code book and year upon which the course is based. We have also listed any other material you will need. In many cases, no additional material is needed. After you purchase and login to start the course, there is a link on the first page that allows you to download and print the course quizzes and other related study materials. You will also find a link on the home page in the side bar to download the quiz questions. The answers to the quiz questions are found either in the code book or throughout the course itself.
8. My license number is incorrect, how can I fix it?
If you have used an incorrect license number, you will need to submit a form with your current tradesman license number. This form can be found by Clicking Here. AnytimeCE contracts with a 3rd party when manually uploading your continuing education courses resulting in a $25 service charge per course. If you have used an incorrect license number, be sure to register as a NEW STUDENT and use your correct license number.
9. What is the AnytimeCE Self Help and Question Hot Line?
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