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How AnytimeCE Works
1. I have never taken an online course before, how does it work?
AnytimeCE has a New Student Walkthrough that goes step by step to explain how easy it is to take online classes with us.

2. What types of courses does AnytimeCE offer?
AnytimeCE offers two basic types of courses. The first is a “graphical” or “visual” course. At the end of each section there is a chapter quiz. This type of course is a traditional instructional course. The second is a “code look up” type of course. In this type of course, you will download and print the test questions; then you will look up the correct answers in your code book. When you finish looking up the correct answers, log back in and take the test. This type of course is geared to challenge you to practice answering questions from the code book, so that you learn as you go.
3. What is the cost of a course?
Typically a single course is $59.50 but may vary from state to state. You will find that our price structure is very competitive, especially when compared to live seminars.
4. How long (time wise) does a class take?
The course material presented in these classes covers the same amount of material that would be covered in a live seminar or class. A four (4) hour class can typically take two (2) to six (6) hours to complete. This range of time is based on the background of a student and whether or not you've downloaded the study guide prior to taking the course. If you are trying to watch "The Simpsons" out of the corner of your eye, it will take longer to complete the course.
5. I’m taking this course to meet my continuing education requirements. How do I know that this course is accepted by the AHJ?
In the course description pages, the AHJ’s course identifying number, expiration date, and the number of continuing education hours given is displayed.
6. Where does it show that I have completed a course?
Your completed course will be shown on the bottom of your status page.
7. Do I have to sit in front of my computer for four (4) hours at a time to take the class?
No you don’t. AnytimeCE’s system tracks and holds the page you were last on. But please remember that once you have started a quiz, you must complete it before exiting out or your answers will not be saved.
8. How much continuing education do I need to keep my current license active?
It is always best to check with each AHJ to determine exactly what you need.
9. I have licenses in several states. Can I use the same continuing education class credits in each state? (Especially in WA and OR)
Each state has its own rules for accepting continuing education credits from other states. In the course descriptions, we have placed this information at the bottom of the page. Some states may automatically reciprocate with a state where you are currently taking your class. Click Here to fill out a form to see if a state you want credit for will allow this.

FYI: Washington State Plumbing and Electrician Division does not accept CEUs from any other state. However, Oregon accepts some WA Electrical and Plumbing courses. You will need to discuss this with the Oregon AHJ to see what courses are acceptable and the method of reporting.
10. What code book or other material is required for the class I'm taking?
In each course description, we have listed the Code Book and year upon which the course is based. We have also listed any other materials that may be needed. After you purchase a course and login to start it, there is a link on the first page of each course that allows you to download and print the course quiz questions and other related study materials.
11. Can I take a sample of a course before purchasing it to find out what it covers?
Yes, a number of our courses have a “Try It” button near the top of the description page. We encourage you to run the sample so that you can get an idea of how the online training works.
12. Where would I find an outline of the course material?
We give enough details about the course in its description page.
13. Are there any quiz questions or study guides that will help me through the course?
Yes, all of the courses have a downloadable quiz that is accessed from the first page of every course. We encourage you to download and print these quizzes to use as a review when taking the course.
14. How do I get a copy of the test questions?
The test questions can be downloaded on the home page by placing your mouse on “Download Course Quiz Questions and Code (WACS-RCWS)”. Then slide your mouse to “Download Course Quiz Questions” and click either “Electrical Course Quizzes,” “Plumbing Course Quizzes,” or “HVAC Course Quizzes.” You can download the test questions when you start your course by clicking on the first page of each course.
15. How often may I log in and out?
You may log in/out as many times as needed to finish a course.
16. Can I take more than one course at a time and log in and out multiple times?
We suggest that you take one course at a time. If you wish to take several classes at the same time, you may do so.
17. Now that I have given you my email address, am I going to be spammed?
None of us wants unsolicited emails. AnytimeCE does not sell your email or other personal information to any 3rd party programs, as discussed in our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. However, we may occasionally contact you by email about completing your classes on time.
18. When will you send me the course materials?
AnytimeCE doesn’t send any course material to you. All of the course materials, information, and quiz questions can be downloaded from our website.
19. How much time do I have to complete a course or package?
You have 60 days to complete the course or courses that you purchased.
20. I'm a WA Electrical Trainee. Can I take an AnytimeCE Course for my required basic classroom training?
At this point, L&I does not accept online internet training courses in order to satisfy your required basic classroom training. If a trainee did, by mistake, take one of our classes, please email us so that we can refund your money.
21. I would like to transfer some of my unused courses to someone else, is this possible?
The person that you would like to transfer your unused course to, must have an existing AnytimeCE account. If that person already has an account with us, be sure to email us his name and ID. If that person doesn’t have an account with us, he/she will need to purchase at least one course from us in order to have his/her account in our data base.
22. Is there a service charge for manually uploading a course(s)?
AnytimeCE is known for top quality, informative and useful online continuing education courses for the trades. We have made the necessary software investment to have the majority of our courses sent automatically to the respective state agencies. AnytimeCE has a "license checker" program. When a student registers, this custom software checks the alpha-numeric sequence of the license number that a student uses to register. It also cross-checks it with the sequences that the particular state has approved. We have provided an easy to use "look-up" link for each student, in order to quickly access the state's data base, and to cross-check the accuracy of their license number against what the actual license number is that the state has issued.

On a rare occasion, a student will unintentionally enter in an invalid or incorrect license number. To submit and get credit to the proper license agency, it requires a staff member to manually upload the course. AnytimeCE believes that we have done everything to automate the system to be as error free as possible. However, there is a 1% chance that our system will issue an error. In this eventuality, we require a small service fee to cover our additional costs and time.

Note: If you would like to have your courses uploaded to L&I with a different license number than the one that you used to register, be sure to send us your name, the correct license number, your phone number, and the best time to reach you for your credit card information.
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