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1. How do I pay for a course?
You will need to pay for the course with your credit card. We accept American Express, Master Card, Visa and Discovery.

2. How do I get a receipt for my purchase?
Once your payment is approved, you can print your receipt from the website. A print button is provided. You will also be sent a receipt for the course, along with your ID and password.
3. If I forget to print my credit card receipt from the website, how do I get one?
You will receive an email from AnytimeCE; the subject line reads “AnytimeCE Log-In information - Open and Print for your records.” This email contains a duplicate receipt for your purchase, which can be printed along with your student ID and password. You can also use your monthly credit card or debit card invoice that you received from your billing company or bank.
4. Can I use a company credit card or a company voucher?
Yes, you can use a company credit card just like you would use your personal credit card. Just be sure to enter the company name as the Last Name on the credit card information page. If you want to use a company voucher, first fill out the student information page that appears after clicking on the "Register" button. Print this form. Next, mail the completed form to AnytimeCE at PO Box 150, Mountlake Terrace, WA. 98043. AnytimeCE will process this voucher and when we receive payment, we will upload the student information into the database. A service charge for this extra handling is $49.00. Be sure to include this service charge in addition to the normal fees for the courses when submitting the voucher to us.
5. I'm scared to use my credit card over the internet; how is AnytimeCE going to protect me?
We use a service called DigiCert, which is a 3rd party program that processes credit card information. We pay DigiCert to do this, similar to a contractor's bond. DigiCert is an ultra-secure system. AnytimeCE never sees your credit card information, if anyone were to hack AnytimeCE, there would be no credit card information for them to steal because the credit card information is never stored with AnytimeCE.
6. I refuse to use my credit card over the internet, is there any other method I can use to pay for my classes?
AnytimeCE is an online continuing education provider and the only way to pay for your classes is over the internet. AnytimeCE does not accept money orders or cash. One alternative solution is to purchase a credit gift card from any grocery store or pharmacy and then purchase your courses with that card.
7. Can I get a discount for purchasing more than one course?
Yes, check at the top of each plumbing, electrical, or HVAC tab for a package discount.
8. I would like to save some money and purchase a package, but I don't need all the courses that come with it. Can I leave them un-started to be used on my next license cycle?
Yes you may. First, don't leave a course that is expiring within a month, and second, make sure that you take the un-started course as soon as possible when your next license cycle begins.
9. After purchasing a course and enjoying the material, I would like to save some money by purchasing a package. Can I get credit for my single course purchase and have it applied towards a package purchase?
We would love to do this; but in order to remain competitive, we cannot take on the added cost of providing this service. However, you may purchase a package, take the courses that you need to fulfill your current license requirements; after your license is renewed, you may go back and finish your un-started courses.
10. I checked my credit card statement and realized that I had made a double purchase. What do I do?
This occassionally happens even though AnytimeCE has placed a "flag" to warn a student when they are about to double purchasie a course. Please send us some basic information about recieving a course credit. Click Here for Course Credit . The credit card processing is handled by a 3rd party using a very secure web site. AnytimeCE never "sees" your credit card information thus preventing us from refunding your double purchase. We will credit you with another class of your choosing.
11. I mistakenly purchased the wrong course, can you sign me up for the correct one or can I get a refund?
Send us an email with a short explanation telling us which course you want to exchange it with. Your credit card information is processed off site by a 3rd party. It is never stored with AnytimeCE. Since we never "see" your credit card information, we cannot refund your credit card. A course substitution is the best we can do.
12. How do I get a refund on my credit/debit card?
Your credit card information is processed off site by a 3rd party. It is never stored with AnytimeCE. Since we never "see" your credit card information, we cannot refund your credit card. A course substitution is the best we can do.
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