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1. How are quizzes conducted?
Quizzes are either multiple choice or True / False. At times, there may be pictures or illustrations on the quizzes. All answers are found in the web-based course material or the properly referenced code book. Be sure to download and print the quiz questions prior to starting each course. The links to the quiz questions are found on the first page of each course or on the side bar of the home page.
2. Will I receive a test score when grading a quiz?
After selecting the answers for each quiz question, you will be given the percentage of correct answers and the number of correct questions / total questions for that quiz.
3. Why won't you tell me which questions I got wrong when scoring my quiz?
If a student knew exactly which questions were answered incorrectly, then it would be possible for him/her to simply click one answer after another until the scored quiz showed that he/she has guessed correctly. AnytimeCE and the AHJ feel that "just clicking through" a test to find the correct answers, isn’t in the spirit of fulfilling one's continuing education requirements. As a result, AnytimeCE, at the encouragement of the AHJ, uses this safeguard approach.
4. What happens if I don't pass a quiz?
On the quizzes that appear in the graphically illustrated courses, you will be re-routed back to the beginning of the chapter for additional review. On the Code look up courses, you will need to study and review your answers and take the quiz again.
5. How many times can I retake a quiz?
You may retake a quiz an unlimited number of times or until the course expires. You will find the expiration date listed in the course description.
6. What is the minimum passing grade?
Usually it’s 70% unless listed on the course description page.
7. I have found an error, or I disagree with an answer on the quiz, what do I do?
Email us with the details and our staff will review what you have found and respond within/by the next business day.
8. When I was taking a quiz, the page went blank and I lost all my answers. Can AnytimeCE recover them?
No, we cannot recover your answers on an incomplete quiz. Until the quiz is fully completed and the score button is clicked, our server has no way of knowing how you answered any of the questions. Occasionally, when viewing a web page for an extended time and trying to answer the questions in "real time" the browsers may time out and dump your answers. Also, any minor power or internet blip may occur and dump your answers. AnytimeCE strongly recommends that you download and print all of the tests at the start of each course, so that you can answer them on the printed copy as you go.
9. How do I get a copy of the test for each course?
After you purchase a course and login, there is a link on the first page that allows you to download and print the test. You can also find the test copies on the home page under "Download Course Quiz Questions and Codes (WACS-RCWS)."
10. How do I print the downloaded quizzes?
After downloading the test, open the document and on your keyboard, simultaneously press "Ctrl" and "P". Then follow the directions that appear on your screen to get your test questions printed.
11. Where do I find the answers to the test questions?
Depending on if the course is illustrated or is a code look up, have your test questions opened up or printed out; then, open up the course and follow along to find the answers.
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