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Registration/Login Issues
1. Why do you want me to use my current license number as my ID and how do I get it?
After completing your course, your certificate displays your ID as a license number. You must enter your current license number as the ID because this is how the AHJ tracks your course completion. Not all agencies will correct your license number for you; therefore, it’s important that you enter the correct license number of your ID at the time of registration. If you cannot recall your license number, there is a link on the side bar on the home page for each state, for you to use to look up your current license number.
2. AnytimeCE won't let me register for a class, what shall I do?
If you have taken classes with AnytimeCE in the past, be sure to register as a RETURNING STUDENT. If you try to register as a new student with a license number you have used before, our system will not allow you to register.
3. AnytimeCE requires that I use my current license number for my ID, how do I find out what it is?
When you are on the home page, locate “Contact Information”. Next, click on the state where your current license number comes from. Then, scroll down until you see "License Lookup: Click Here". After clicking, you will go to a new page where you can find your current license number.
4. I can't login or I’ve forgotten my password, what do I do?
Return to where you would login and enter your ID (which should be your state license number) and then click on hint to get your password.
5. I have my ID and password but I cannot login or I keep getting the same login page after I click on submit, what should I do?
Some common errors that students commit include using an "o" or "O" instead of a zero "0", or using the letter "l" instead of the number "1". If you have tried to use your ID and password but you still cannot log in, Click Here to fill out a short form that will automatically be sent to our tech support. They will respond to you with a phone or email the next business day.
6. How do I change my password?
You can change your password by giving AnytimeCE a call or by using your password hint to change it, so Click Here.
7. Once I submit my student information, I get an error page “404 - Page Cannot Be Found”, what should I do?
Sometimes a student may visit AnytimeCE's web site several times before deciding which course is best for them. During a visit, the student's computer saves a temporary file about AnytimeCE website information in the student's computer internet cache. When the student returns to AnytimeCE, his computer will automatically return to the cached information. Since AnytimeCE at times upgrades our website, and since your computer is looking at previous or older information, the current pages will not be in your cache. Return to the home page and press F5 at the top of your keyboard. This will force your computer to refresh its entire cache with the latest web pages.
8. I have several different license numbers in a single state, how can I get credit for each of my licenses?
Each of the AHJ’s systems are designed, when entering one license number for that completed course, to add the credits you earned to your other license numbers because they are linked to your name.
9. My license number has changed since the last time I took a course, what should I do?
If your license number has changed since the last time you took classes with us, please register as a new student so that when you complete your classes, your certificate will issue your new license number.
10. When registering for a course, the computer will only let me put in a few digits of my license number, or it flags me that I do not have enough digits or characters. What's going on?
Each state has its own method of determining license numbers. Some states use straight digits while others use a longer string of alpha-numeric characters. AnytimeCE has placed a "license mask" on the unique registration pages for each state, that tests the number and type of characters that are entered into the License ID. Upon submitting the registration form, the computer checks what the student has entered against that state's standard. If it does not match, a pop-up appears which flags the inconsistency back to the student. The student should either check to make sure that their license number is correct, or check to make sure that they are registering in the correct state.
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