Tech Support attempted to upload your recently completed AnytimeCE continuing education course completion information to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Unfortunately the AHJ’s data base does not recognize the license number and/or the name that was used when you registered for the AnytimeCE course(s). There may be several reasons for this:

1. It could be that your driver’s license, contractor license or older superseded license was entered or that just a mistake was made when entering the correct number as your ID.

2. It is even possible that the course was purchased through a state tab or through a tradesman tab in which your license was not issued.

3. It may be that course was completed after your renewal date and that the additional renewal fees were not paid.

4. It may be that the course was completed after the typical 90 grace period for renewal and the AHJ information page indicates “Continuing Education” not completed.

5. If you are a WA. Electrical trainee, you must take Basic Class room instruction to complete the required continuing education requirements since no online courses are approved for this.

If the license number that was used was incorrectly entered as your ID please send us the revised and correct license number and we will promptly upload your course completion information to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Just so that there are no surprises, there is a manual upload fee for $45 to report your completed courses to the AHJ using your updated and correct license number. Here is the link:

Incorrect license number