Course Title:
2009 IMC Chapter 11 Refrigeration
2013-102 - 4 hrs. credit JR - Expires 9/18/2016
Fully Illustrated course

This course covers all of 2009 IMC Chapter 11 - Refrigeration in a fun, interactive and practical manner. Easy to understand with over 250 illustrations.

This course consists of 200 + in-depth, illustrations to fully teach a thorough understanding of the 2009 IMC Chapter 11.

Upon completion, the student will gain a professional level of understanding and work related practical knowledge of refrigeration system installation requirements.

This course’s test is constructed in two parts. The first part of this test is answering multiple choose questions through the material and the second part is choose the correct reference code from the previous multiple choose question.

Every Monday morning, your certificate of completion is sent to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.

This course is approved only in New Mexico State for New Mexico Plumbers.

You will have 60 days to complete this course. NM Plumbers CEUS - 4 credit hours

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