Course Title:
2009 UPC Chp. 6 Water Systems Part 2
2013-109 - 4 hrs. credit JP, JPG, JPF, JS - Expires 9/18/2016
Fully Illustrated course

This course covers the 2009 UPC Chapter 6 - Water Systems in a fun, interactive, and practical manner, plus its easy to understand with over 100 illustrations.

This is continuation of Water Systems Part 1. In this course you will learn the details, step-by-step of how to size a complete water system. We start at the meter base, go through each of the hot and cold branches determining longest length and water fixture units. From there we determine branch sizes. Each student will size 5 systems. This is a practical course on how to understand the code.

For those that need additional help, this course includes a practical step by step instructional video.

No code book is needed for this class.

Every Monday morning, your certificate of completion is sent to the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department.

This course is approved only in New Mexico State for New Mexico Plumbers.

You will have 60 days to complete this course. NM Plumbers CEUS - 4 credit hours

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