Course Title:
HVAC Electrical Review
Course Type: Industry Related (IR) - 4 hrs.
Fully Illustrated Course

If you want credit for both your Refrigeration and Heating License, enter you license number as shown in this example: 55555/11111

"Exceptional - Thanks" Wesley G. Daviston Al.

"very easy to use, thanks" Russell P. - Mount Olive, AL

"I really appreciated the hvac electrical review and did learn some things while doing it." Benny J. - Seale, AL

"Exceptional course! - Great information for review. Thank you" Alfred G. Brundidge Al.

The quiz questions for this course can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or PDF.

Many in the HVAC trade become focused on their day-to-day routines of everyday work. Soon, we get a little rusty on the fundamentals of the electrical side of our trade.

This course is designed to give an overview of these fundamentals in a fun, graphical and interactive way. This course has a difficulty rating of 4 (10 is the most difficult).

The course will quickly bring back the basic concepts in a practical manner.

There are some interactive electrical troubleshooting of basic circuits that will help keep ones skills up to speed.

No code book or other materials are needed when taking this course.

You will have 60 days to complete this course.

HVAC Electrical Review has been approved by the State of Alabama Board of Heating and Air Conditioning Contractors.

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