2018 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains(Fully Illustrated)
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2018 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains(Fully Illustrated)
Alaska Plumbers and Administrators
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Course Type: Code - 4 hrs.
Expiration Date: 12.31.21
Fully Illustrated Course

"This is far and away THE best online continuing education platform available to us here in Montana. Your courses are challenging and informative. If I am going to take this time out of my busy day to educate myself I want to do just that. Thank you for this amazing resource." Jeff L... Great Falls MT.

The quiz questions for this course can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or PDF.

This is an in-depth course where the students receive extensive training on the terminology, requirements, and materials needed to successfully design a sanitary drain. Students will also learn to calculate the drainage fixture units (DFU) and pipe size for two illustrated drainage systems. This is a fully illustrated course of 225 pages with 7 quizzes with a total of 107 quiz questions to assist in the studentís understanding of the concepts of sanitary drains.

Course outline

  • 701.0 Materials
  • 702.0 Fixture Unit Equivalents
  • 703.0 Size of Drainage Piping
  • 704.0 Fixture Connections
  • 705.0 Joints and Connections
  • 706.0 Changes in Direction of Drainage Flow
  • 707.0 Cleanouts
  • 708.0 Grade of Horizontal Drainage Piping
  • 709.0 Gravity Drainage Required
  • 710.0 Upstream Manhole or Main Sewer Fixture Level
  • 711.0 Suds Relief
  • 712.0 Testing
  • You will have 60 days to complete this course.

    Upon completion, down load, print and send a copy of your certification of completion to the Alaska AHJ..

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