2018 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains (Full Illustrated)
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2018 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains (Full Illustrated)
Idaho Plumbers and Contractors
Course ID: 20-841903
Course Type: Code - 4 hrs
Fully Illustrated Course

"First time user and was happy with how smooth it was and much more detailed and advanced compared to other vendors courses that I have taken in the past." Johnathan N... North Pole - Alaska

No code book is needed for this course. Its fully illustrated!

Microsoft Word or PDF.

This is an in-depth course where the students receive extensive training on the terminology, requirements, and materials needed to successfully design a sanitary drain. Students will also learn to calculate the drainage fixture units (DFU) and pipe size for two illustrated drainage systems. This is a fully illustrated course of 225 pages with 7 quizzes with a total of 107 quiz questions to assist in the studentís understanding of the concepts of sanitary drains.

Course outline

  • 701.0 Materials
  • 702.0 Fixture Unit Equivalents
  • 703.0 Size of Drainage Piping
  • 704.0 Fixture Connections
  • 705.0 Joints and Connections
  • 706.0 Changes in Direction of Drainage Flow
  • 707.0 Cleanouts
  • 708.0 Grade of Horizontal Drainage Piping
  • 709.0 Gravity Drainage Required
  • 710.0 Upstream Manhole or Main Sewer Fixture Level
  • 711.0 Suds Relief
  • 712.0 Testing
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