2015 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains (Fully Illustrated)
Course Title:
2015 UPC Chapter 7 Sanitary Drains (Fully Illustrated)
Course ID: 2018-355
Course Type: Various - 4 hrs.
Expiration Date:5/16/2021
Fully Illustrated Course

This course will provide students with training on the terminology, requirements, and materials needed to successfully design a sanitary drain. Students will also need to calculate the drainage fixture units (DFU) and pipe size for two illustrated drainage systems. Course outline 701.0 General 702.0 Fixture Unit Equivalents 703.0 Size of Drainage Piping 704.0 Fixture Connections 705.0 Joints and Connections 706.0 Changes in Direction of Drainage Flow 707.0 Cleanouts 708.0 Grade of Horizontal Drainage Piping 709.0 Gravity Drainage Required 710.0 Upstream Manhole or Main Sewer Fixture Level 711.0 Suds Relief 712.0 Testing A code book will NOT be needed for this class

You will have 60 days to complete this course.

Course completion information is forwarded to Regulation and Licensing Department the following business day/.

This course is approved only in New Mexico State for New Mexico Plumbers.

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