Oregon Electrical Rule and Law - (Fully Illustrated)
Course Title:
Oregon Electrical Rule and Law - (Fully Illustrated)
Course ID: 260550
Course Type: Oregon Electrical Rule & Law (ORL) - 4 hrs.
Expiration Date: End of Code cycle
Fully Illustrated Course

The quiz questions for this course can be downloaded in Microsoft Word or PDF.

The Oregon Rule & Law class is a requirement for an electrician to complete when renewing their license.

After competition of class, the student will gain an understanding of the specialty code changes, statewide code interpretations, appeal processes, electrical requirements, and the purposes.

Course Outline:
OAR Section 001 - Procedural Rules
OAR Section 008 - Division Code Development Rules, In Generl
OAR Section 282 - Electrical and Elevator Licensing
OAR Section 305 - Electrical Codes and Standards
OAR Section 309 - Electrical Permits and Fees
2020 Oregon Electrical Specialty Code Changes

You will have 60 days to complete this course.

This course is only approved for Oregon Electricians.

Your completed course information is sent to the Oregon Department of Consumer & Business Services within 2 business days.

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