Approved CEU courses for Electricians, Plumbers/Trainees & HVAC Techs.

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  Only 4 hours is required for an annual renew your license. 8 hour classes are used for 2 years of license renewals.
IMC Chapter 11- Refrigeration Code (Fully Illustrated) (8 credits)$89.50
Venting Gas Fired Equipment (8 credits)$89.50
430 Motors (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
HVAC Electrical Review - IR (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
Understanding Electrical Diagrams - IR (Fully Illustrated) (8 credits)$89.50
Basic Electricity - IR (Fully Illustrated) (8 credits)$89.50
Electrical Safety - IR (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
HVAC Electrical - Wiring Dia./OHMS Law/Sequence - IR (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
International Fuel Gas Code Part 1 (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
International Fuel Gas Code Part 2 (Fully Illustrated) (4 credits)$59.50
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